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WanSpy V1.6


WanSpy is intended to give network administrator a visual view of how their corporate WAN bandwidth is getting utilized. In addition to online monitoring WAN link, WanSpy also facilitates network administrator to keep record of WAN usage. WanSpy is based on SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) accepted across industry for management of computer networks.

In a Cisco® router with IP accounting and SNMP enabled, the router will monitor the data on its WAN port. But the data displayed by the router will be raw and will be of little use to a network manager who wants to know the traffic on WAN link based on source IP address, destination IP address and number of packets transmitted. WanSpy takes this raw data and displays it in a user friendly format based on source IP Address, destination IP address, number of packets & bytes transmitted and number of violations.

WanSpy displays various real time graphs for System, IP and Interface mib objects of Cisco's proprietary MIB and MIB II . which facilitate user to real time monitoring and troubleshooting.

WanSpy is able to add N number of Routers.

Features :

Monitor Bandwidth utilization by hosts IP and host IP pairs

WanSpy collect IP accounting data from Cisco router and generate two separate display for host table and host matrix table(host IP pairs). Both table contains data in, data out, total data transfer, total no of packets in and out by each host IP or host IP pair through Wan link.

WanSpy further analyze IP accounting data and produce graphical display for bandwidth utilization by each host IP or host IP pair.

Event Notification

Event will generate if host ip or host ip pair cross data transfer limit defined by user. Trigger or alarm can be set to cause event for user define threshold value. user alarmed by sound and by log file.

Router Management

WanSpy provides complete detail of system and each interface of router. user can also see interface status up/down by green/red colour indicator.

Real time monitoring of overall bandwidth utilization of WAN link

WanSpy provides real time graphs to monitor percentage in/out/total bandwidth utilization of Wan link. Separate line graphs displays total bits and packets transfer per sec.

Real time monitoring of CPU and Memory utilization of Cisco Router

WanSpy provides real time graphs to monitor CPU load and memory utilization of cisco router. provides real time graph for buffer allocation failure due to lack of memory. All these helps user to troubleshoot any system related problem.

Troubleshooting Network Problems

WanSpy facilitate network administrator to troubleshoot network problems. WanSpy provides separate graphs for packet drops due to congestion, errors, access violation, route unavailable etc.

Reporting for offline analysis.

All real time information for host table, host matrix table, interface details, graphs data to MS excel sheet or text file to to printer for offline analysis or for historical interpretation.

Configure cisco Router.

User can get the cisco running config file and also user can able to config cisco router like change login password and change enable secret password directly from a GUI based views.

Online Monitoring of the ARP Table.

The Address translation tables contain the network address to `physical' address equivalences.Some interfaces do not use translation tables for determining address equivalences if all interfaces are of this type, then the address translation table is empty, i.e., has zero entries.

Online Monitoring of the Routing Table.

The routing table is built automatically, based on the current TCP/IP configuration of your computer. Each route occupies a single line in the displayed table. Your computer searches the routing table for an entry that most closely matches the destination IP address.