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DVS Thinstation V2.0


DVS Thinstation thin client provides low cast solution for connecting diskless computer to connect to Windows 2000/XP/2003 terminal server through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). The diskless machine requires only DVS Thinstation card installed and rest things like configuration or client software resides on server itself. DVS Thinstation enables even low powered (32 MB RAM and 300 MHz) PC to connect Windows server and accessing its resources on low bandwidth.

Applications of DVS Thinstation

DVS Thinstation can be a use for different applications.

  1. Using diskless PC as terminal client for Windows 2000/XP/2003 terminal server.
  2. Using old less powered PCs to access resources available on server.


Minimum System Requirements:

  1. 300 MHz Pentium class processor with 32 MB RAM.
  2. One free PCI slot on motherboard.
  3. Monitor capable of displaying 256 colors on 800x600 resolution.