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Welcome to DVS Informatics

Our Profile

In the fast changing world of networking technologies, meeting customers expectation in a timely and cost-effective manner, has become an unprecedented challenge.

DVS is an entrepreneurial company which is involved in - designing & manufacturing data communication and network management products. We also undertake hardware/software development projects in various fields of data communications. Our mission is to be the leading provider of these products and services. With this mission, our team is committed to provide our customers with competitive and innovative products.

DVS is spearheaded by a team of networking and communications professionals with years of product, research and development experience in networking and communication areas. Our core technology competence encompasses protocol/device drivers development, system architecture and design.

DVS has developed IP Routers (Ethernet, HDSL Leased line) SNMP based Network Management Tools, Network Monitoring tools and Hardware locks. We sell our products to various OEMs. DVS is very flexible in licensing deals. Our products are ROYALTY FREE and are based on one-time fee. In addition our products can be purchased online by End User.