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Our wide range of products includes network management and monitoring related solutions, embedded systems, routing solutions, and billing solution etc.

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Network Management    Top ∧

RouterConsole V1.1.2
RouterConsole fetches Routing table, ARP table, Interface Table, Interface details and displays different interface graphs and Interface details. In addition it also fetches Memory pool table, Process table, Cisco Running configuration, IP-Accounting data from IP-Accounting enabled Cisco Switches/Router.   Learn More

WanSpy V1.6
Simple and robust software for monitoring traffic on your expensive WAN links connected to Cisco Router.   Learn More

IPAccounting V1.0
IPAccounting software fetches IP accounting data from your Cisco Network Devices like routers and switches.   Learn More

Software for comprehensive mangement of SNMP based networks. It is based on the SNMPV2 protocol and very useful in managing any kind of SNMP compliant IP Router.   Learn More

SwitchCop V1.0
SwitchCop is developed to fulfill network administrator's requirement to manage and monitor Ethernet switches on network. SwitchCop use SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol)which is accepted across industry for network management.   Learn More

Network Monitoring    Top ∧

VPN Console V1.0
VPN Console reads and analyzes Microsoft IAS Server log and DHCP Server log and also converts them into readable forms. In addition it also displays brief system details.   Learn More

DVSNetmon V1.2
Software for monitoring the activities on a LAN and then intelligently analyzing it.   Learn More

Link Quality Analyst V1.0
Link Quality Analyst monitor quality of point-to-point link in terms of response time, packet loss and available bandwidth. It also provides notification system to alarm for failure of Link or degradation in Link quality.   Learn More

Internet & Intranet Billing    Top ∧

DVSHAWK is a 100% web enabled Internet and Intranet billing and usage management system.   Learn More

Routing Technology    Top ∧

Route Express
Route Express is a state of art multi-protocol router for digital leased lines. The router's high throughput capabilities, ease of installation and cost effectiveness makes it an ideal choice.   Learn More

Ethernet Repeater
Designed to extend a network backbone by joining the coaxial segment together.   Learn More

Security    Top ∧

WindowProtector V1.1
Window Protector is a security utility that allows the authorized user to add several types and degrees of protection to the desktop and system of a Windows 95/98 computer. Window Protector security measures will allow for the controlled use of any shared Windows computer.   Learn More

Hardware Lock
Hardware Lock gives the flexibility to the developer to store his own signature in the lock. signature can be stored by running the utility program provided with the lock.   Learn More

Single Board Computer    Top ∧

DVS850 is a complete range of embedded and compact single board computers. These boards are pre-loaded with Linux that has been tailored for embedded systems. The DVS850 boards are the quickest way to make customized embedded networking and data communication systems.   Learn More

SNMP Proxy Agents    Top ∧

SNMP Proxy Agents
DVS proxy Agents runs on Linux/Windows (98/NT/2000/XP) based Personal Computer or is embedded in SNMP cards. It provides the facility of management of non-SNMP compatible elements with SNMP enabled management software.   Learn More

Thin Client Card    Top ∧

DVS Thinstation V2.0
DVS Thinstation thin client card provides low cost solution for connecting diskless computer to connect to Windows 2000/XP/2003 terminal server through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). New RouterConsole V1.1.3   Learn More