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Link Quality Analyst V1.0


Link Quality Analyst monitor quality of point-to-point link in terms of response time, packet loss and available bandwidth. It also provides notification system to alarm for failure of Link or degradation in Link quality.

Real time statistics of link quality parameters combine with Graphical view to provide more visual effect for link quality analysis.

Offline viewing or reporting provides historical interpretation. Easy report generation make management documentation more simple.

Features :

Real time Monitoring

Link quality can be defined by response time, available bandwidth and percentage of packet loss. All three parameter can be monitor in two different views, table and line graphs. Table view gives real time values of link quality parameters. Line graphs for each facile ate to visualize trends in link quality.

Event Notification

Event will generate if link falls in any of category out of unavailable, poor and marginal. Thresholds values can be defined by user for each category. Different color icons setup for varying level of link degradation. Trigger or alarms can be set to cause event to generate alarms for link failure or link quality degradation. Alarm action includes playing user defined sound, change of Icon colors, sending an email and keeping a log.

Reporing for offline analysis and SLA assessment.

All events and real time statistics keep in database for future analysis and for third party Service level Agreement assessment. All problem and issues can be documented for providing to management or service providers.

Support Documents

User Manual, Release Notes