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Welcome to DVS Informatics

Services - S/W & H/W Development

DVS provides a vast array of services, from network architecture planning and design issues to designing and implementing a solution, one that will meet our customers individual need. This includes executing offshore hardware and software development projects.

Also all our hardware and software products are customizable based on a customers requirement.

Our broad range of services and our commitment to excellence provides an innovative approach to timely solutions. This makes DVS the right choice to meet your business goals and objectives.

Off-shore Development

DVS offers expertise in all phases of hardware and software development, from functional specification to designing, developing, testing and maintaining the product, on a wide range of hardware and software platforms. We help our customers understand the end to end perspective, which includes issues like interoperability, standards compliance and potential drawbacks or risks.

On hardware side, our expertise involves designing embedded boards based on various processors like x86, Motorola platform etc. which includes various peripheral devices.

On software side, our expertise involves developing Protocol stacks for Routing, Bridging, Signaling, and Device Drivers and also at Network Management Application development.The protocol stacks used in our IP router product family are designed to be portable and can be ported to any hardware/software platform with minimal efforts. These stacks include IP, ICMP, NAT, ARP, RARP, PPP, SLIP.

Advantages in choosing DVS Quality Commitment

Our corporate commitment is to achieve total customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding our client's expectations. To meet our commitment we adhere to following approach: