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DVSHAWK is a 100% web enabled Internet and Intranet billing and usage management system. DVSHAWK is useful for time bounded network access control to Internet and Intranet.

The user when tries to browse Internet or use Intranet,he or she will get an Authentication Page (for putting User name and Password). When the user enters a correct user name and password he is allowed to access Internet and Intranet for predetermined time duration. This time duration is fixed and upgradable by the administrator. Initially the administrator assigns a Unique Key to each user, using which he can create his User Name and Password. Even temporary users can be given disposable keys for Internet and Intranet Access for fixed time duration.

One of the main advantage of DVSHAWK is that it can work in a Local area network as well as distributed network with users spread around the globe and administrator can control the usage of Internet and Intranet from a central location. DVSHAWK can be easily installed by plugging the flash card( contaning DVSHAWK software) into a PC. Server. Also no additional software needs to be installed on client machine.

Features :